Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Gin Game by D.L. Coburn (1978)

Summary:  Fonsia and Weller are two senior citizens who have recently moved into a retirement home, are bored and discover that they both enjoy playing cards--specifically gin.  Fonsia's relentless winning streak is a catalyst for Weller's violent temper and hurtful outbursts.

Thoughts:  The dialogue in this play was reminiscent of Edward Albee--even when people are bored, they keep talking, even if it is seemingly about nothing.  Additionally, the more comfortable people become with each other, the more prone they are to revealing their true characteristics, particularly propensity toward anger.

This play was originally directed by Mike Nichols and starred Jessica Tandy (Tony Award) and her husband Hume I can only imagine that the performance was expert.  Having seen countless high schoolers interpret scenes from this play, I also know that it can be disastrous in incapable hands.
Tandy and Cronyn at the 1988 Emmy Awards.
(photo credit:  Alan Light, Wikimedia)

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